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Shanghai vs HK as Next Generation Financial Centre

There has been a long-lasting discussion for one query: Among the 2 China metropolises Shanghai and H.K.

How to Get a Rewarding Job in China By Maximizing Employment Network

People's Republic of China (PRC) economy is growing super-fast, and there are indeed many great job opportunities

True Christmas Story: Money is NOT Everything

Below is a true story about Christmas. We, China Sources Team, would like o share this special

Chinese vs English as an International Language

In our past blog posts, we have looked at some facts about historical development of English within British Isles.

Understanding Grammatical Ambiguity in English Language

Studying English language can be full of fun. Many people may have similar experience that

Evolution of English Language: Phonetics and Alphabets Development

Most non-native English language users (especially Chinese) find it difficult to pronounce English words correctly.

How Computer Technology is Changing China Development

Almost every person in the world may know that China economy is growing very fast, and so does

Secret Tips to Prepare For an Essay Examination

Since almost everyone needs to handle daily email communications or even write project proposals

How to Avoid Ban By Sina Weibo

In our last blog post, we introduced some practical methods to unfreeze Sina Weibo. These methods

How to Unfreeze Your Sina Weibo Account

Weibo, means micro-blogging in Chinese, has become increasingly popular in mainland China, just like Twitter

Cyber Security Lessons Learnt From Edward Snowden

After Edward Joseph Snowden arrived Hong Kong to disclose massive worldwide surveillance programs being

Spend an Exciting Cruise Ship Holiday Trip in Asia

There are really numerous methods to spend your exciting holiday in Asia region, including China.

How to Seek Summer Jobs in Shanghai Successfully

Shanghai is a highly-commercial city in PRC (People's Republic of China) that has been continuously

How to Make Good Profits From Popular Social Networking Websites

Do you realize you may make some good or at least reasonable profits from popular social networking sites (SNS)?

Practical Uses of Social Networking Sites For Business Promotion

Many well-known global social networking sites (SNS), such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Microsoft Skype (was MSN)

Secretive Commodities Trading Leader Glencore (GLEN.L)

Seldom people had ever heard of a trading group called Glencore prior to its IPO. In fact, Glencore

What is Sale Discount? Its Advantages vs Disadvantages

No matter you are trading with China or not, it is necessary for your organization to realize

Socialization Experiment: Causes of Sociological Deformities Under Different Environments

Our previous post about socialization mentioned about interaction with other people is so important for human development

Socialization For Equality: Human Behaviorism vs Theory of Evolution

Many people usually ask two simple questions: Are we born equal? What is actually equality? Although we have

Real Case Study: Why Socialization is So Important?

We hoped we have expressed why socialization is so important to human beings, although weeks ago we already published

Successful Self-Publishing Tips: Pros and Cons

You may have already heard how good self-publishing can be. It can at least give full control on your own books and also increase

Important Socialization Studies About Men and Women

Last time we introduced some basic socialization theories from psychologists Sigmund

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