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3 Reasons Why Summer Job is Good For Chinese Teenagers

Summer is fast approaching in China and school will finally be over within a few weeks? If you want to spend your summer break in maybe the most rewarding and fruitful way possible, then you should definitely get a summer job. Getting a summer job is an excellent way to spend your time during summer break.

Here are the 3 main reasons why a teen should get a summer job:

(1) Preparation

To make oneself a reliable part of the work force in the future is among the main reasons why teenagers opt for summer jobs. It is not for the earnings per se but for the experiences that could be useful when faced with the real nature of work during adulthood.

Any form of preparation is indispensable for the development of the person and in making his spine stronger that those who have not got prior training.

A summer job such that of restaurant crews should not belittled since the interaction, the basic training on people skills, the discipline incorporated in each dealing and t he sense of responsibility are some good points to start from when trying to make oneself a good employee or even a businessman one day.

Many people agree that those people who have earlier exposure to work are more likely to appreciate better since the supplementation of the work environment apart from that of home and school could be a good start from any standpoint.

It is also better to encourage teens to get summer jobs since they will learn to fend for themselves even for a couple of weeks and to be as self-supporting as they could be with the little earnings they get.

Teens working for summer jobs will also get the chance to learn from people much older and more experienced than they are. Sometimes the lessons they get from home and school are not enough to help them understand the world they are in and the various issues facing them. As we all know, the teenage years are the lost years of one's life. This is where searching and panic occurs. The work environment will help widen their mind in the realities of the world and this would largely contribute to their own development.

(2) Earnings

Compensation from summer jobs is understandably lower than that of the professional works. But even with relatively lower earnings, teens holding one, two and in rare cases three summer jobs at a time are likely to earn money that would help them sail through the summer vacation and beyond. But with additional perseverance, it is not far from the truth that they might even help their parents send them to college even without the real need for them to financially assist their parents.

Why should a teenage high school graduate bother himself over earning for college when his parents could support his studies? Well there are practically plenty of reasons we could give you for that. Some were already mentioned earlier. But it is worth repeating that discipline, perseverance, patience and preparation are among the top rated reasons why you, as a teen, should find a summer job.

All the above reasons are helpful in ways that you might not realize for now. Just the preparation for job application and interview could prove their worth when you are already applying for "real" jobs. Giving you experiences are more than enough reasons why you should land yourself a summer job.

(3) Wider options

Since years from now, when you are no longer a first timer for preparing resumes and job interviews, you will be applying for more specific jobs that cater both your interests and the field that you can bets work into. You have more definite vision of what you want and what you do not want in a job.

Having a summer job isn't all about getting a paycheck. A summer job will provide you with tons of work experience which can be a great addition to your future resume. Getting a job over the summer will also give you the opportunity to meet a lot of people and expand your network of friends and contacts. If you are a first time summer job hunter in China, here are some useful tips you can use.

Where do you start looking for that summer job? First, you should come up with a simple resume showing your personal details, educational background, skills and other relevant information. Many summer job hunters don't realize the importance of a resume or think that they don't have anything to put into a resume. Having a resume gives you good advantage.

Why? It lets your prospective employer know that you put in effort to get a summer job and will most likely think of you as someone who is a professional. A resume also lets your prospective employer know about your skills, educational attainment in one glance which can help you clinch the job. Make your resume simple and straightforward.

With a resume in hand, the next step to finding that cool summer job is the actual job search. There are dozens of ways and resources you can tap while hunting for a China summer job. The first on the list is the internet. It offers you a vast and excellent source of job information.

So put those fingers to work, click on and look up various employment websites that offer listings of part-time or full-time summer jobs within China. However, many companies bypass these job ad services so make your job search more through. Look up local Chinese businesses and companies in your field of expertise and see if they have any job openings on board.

You can also try getting the services of a recruiter or a headhunter. There are many of such services available online. But be cautious about these services as there are both good and lousy ones. The best way is to ask for a recommendation or referral from previous clients and ask for their feedback. Another excellent resource when searching for a China summer job is your very own network.

Studies reveal that only about 10-15 percent of job openings are listed on newspapers, magazines, the internet and other medium. Most information about job openings is passed on through word of mouth. So build up your network, meet and mingle with a lot of people, expand your social circle. There's a big chance you'll find good leads within your network. After all, the China summer job market is an attractive place to find that cool new summer job you've been wanting to have.


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