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How to Seek Summer Jobs in Shanghai Successfully

Shanghai is a highly-commercial city in PRC (People's Republic of China) that has been continuously providing numerous and wide range of summer jobs for Chinese or foreign people. It must be a clever decision to select the City of Shanghai when finding a good summer job in China. Shanghai government and local universities have employment services that can help offering summer occupations for students or teenagers. Through this employment program, over 50K teenagers each year can successfully seek and get a summer job where they may both earn and learn. Sometimes real on-the-job working experience in fast-growing Asian cities like Shanghai can even be invaluable for their future career development.

Summer jobs offered by this program included traditional occupations like garden maintaining assistants, lifeguards, poetry writers, painters etc. Most employees are either paid by stipend or on hourly-wage basis. Under this program, many students or teenagers find it easier to get worthwhile occupations during their summer time break.

In fact, this employment program implemented successfully by Shanghai has emphasized the significance of summer jobs as an effective method to spend the summer time break, by not only earning extra cash for living expenses but also gaining practical working experiences that can have lifetime, far-reaching and long-term benefits. If you are a teenager or student to look for a good summer job in the dynamic and beautiful city of Shanghai, we have several useful tips on how to successfully seek that summer job you deserve.

How to Get Good Summer Jobs in Shanghai

There are indeed numerous temporary employment opportunities out there in Shanghai. It only requires enough determination, persistence and patience to seek the right summer job suitable for you. Before finding a potential working opportunities, it is always important to honestly evaluate oneself first to see what he is actually good at and what he really wants to do.

Meanwhile, your previous working experience and educational background should also be critical factors when selecting any suitable job. Another major factor should be the key reason why you are taking up your summer occupation. It can either be just because you want extra income to deal with some daily expenses, or you need a temporary occupation that can act as a jump-off point for your future permanent occupation. Once these factors have been completely evaluated and determined, you are then all set to start creating your own C.V. (Curriculum Vitae, or called resume) and start hunting the right job.

For successfully looking for great summer job in Shanghai, one must do the following 3 important steps: (1) plan ahead; (2) make use of your personal network; (3) start early.

Here are our 3 most practical tips on how to seek great summer jobs successfully in Shanghai:

(1) Plan Ahead.

First of all, the best thing to do should be to plan ahead prior to your summer time break arrives. Do some researches extensively about your selected field and then start looking for suitable job openings even a few weeks before your summer time break. For example, for any English-speaking person, there are many language-related openings and high-paid offers in Shanghai as it is one of the most internationalized city in China. Upon planning ahead, one can prepare himself better and thus become a much more competitive candidate for no matter what job position he will be taking. Planning ahead does increase his opportunity for success immensely.

(2) Use Your Personal Network.

Secondly, you must build and make use of your personal network of acquaintances, friends, or any other contacts. As most people should know, China is a society that heavily replies on personal network to survive. Getting good employment offers should be no exception. So you must build up your own personal network by meeting new Chinese people, expanding your horizons, or even interviewing other strangers who have the sources of job openings you are chosen or interested in. Furthermore, you may join some Chinese associations or clubs that are aligned with your selected working field. These methods can provide you with sufficient insights for the Shanghai employment opportunities you are eyeing and can also be very helpful once you start hunting within your chosen field.

(3) Start Early.

Finally, you must plan early as well as start early. As all job seekers should also realize, many summer job openings or good offers are advertised sometimes in spring or even in winter. So by planning early, starting early and also utilizing your personal network, your chances of getting good summer occupation in Shanghai will certainly be much enhanced.

The above are several useful tips on how to seek great summer job successfully in Shanghai. These tips may even be applicable for most fast-developing countries in Asia, like India, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam etc. Although looking for a good employer can be a tedious and long-waiting process, however, if you are fully armed with positive attitude, patience and determination, you can then easily overcome any difficulty and find your right occupation in China successfully.


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