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Practical Uses of Social Networking Sites For Business Promotion

Many well-known global social networking sites (SNS), such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Microsoft Skype (was MSN), or MySpace, are now incredibly popular, so that they are great promotion tools for most online or even offline business. In this post, we decide to talk about some practical uses of social networking websites for real business promotion that should be truly applicable to your ultimate marketing success.

How to Use Social Networking WebSites in Business Promotion

First of all, you must understand fully what are the advantages of social networking sites (SNS) and also how you may make use of them practically for business promotion. Social networking websites, by definition, are designed and built to bring different people all over the world together, allow people sharing information or photographs with their friends, allow people interacting or keeping connected online, as well as allow people making new friends. Now, the most popular social networking websites for business promotion are Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Google+, Microsoft Skype (was MSN), MySpace, Instagram, Pinterest, or specifically in China are Sina Weibo, QQ, Tencent Weibo or WeChat Public Platform etc.

As everyone may know, people around the world are now keen on utilizing social networking sites (SNS) to keep connected with family members or good friends, to make new friends from fresh, and even to reconnect with old friends they might have lost in touch with for a long time. These websites can offer great opportunity and cheap method to keep in touch with friends, family members, and colleagues. You can also reconnect with old work mates, games mates, sports mates or schoolmates that you might have not met for a long period of time. You can share information, send personal messages, live chat online privately, interact within groups, share updated photos, or share interesting videos etc. There are lots of social network sites (SNS), some are general-purpose social websites while some are even niche-related. List of example of niche-related social networking sites (SNS) can be specifically for dating, business promotion, finance, money, investment, photography, art, science, music, movies, online games, sports, automotives, technology, computers, smart phones, health, medical insurance, food, society and so on. Every personal user or business marketer should be easy to at least find one suitable niche social network site that suits his own needs.

For anyone who enjoys connecting online frequently with friends, social networking sites (SNS) should be useful and beneficial to him. The other major reason and practical use of these SNS is for business promotion. Business marketers can easily connect with lots of potential customers through visiting their profiles as well as their personal interests to check if they do have an interest in their business niche. Therefore SNS are thus practical and ideal tools for B2C (Business-to-Customers) marketing model or promotion channel. Social networking sites (SNS) are now much more than just chatting or purely a personal communication platform. In fact, the true power of SNS is not fully revealed and still highly underestimated by most business owners. Especially for developing countries like China, although SNS such as Sina Weibo or Tencent Weibo are now increasingly popular for business promotion, we believe there are still much rooms for further practical promotion uses or other marketing purposes.

Internet is full of promotional chances but there is indeed no shortcut of internet marketing success. This post is only an introduction on practical uses of social networking sites (SNS) for business promotion. In our next post, we will further talk about exactly how to earn real money from these SNS out of your business promotion. So please just bookmark this blog, stay focus on our related content and do not miss our new post!


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