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Spend an Exciting Cruise Ship Holiday Trip in Asia

There are really numerous methods to spend your exciting holiday in Asia region, including China. Here we would like to introduce a truly exciting way to achieve this target: Going on a luxury cruise ship! Note especially that a new Kai Tak Cruise Terminal in Hong Kong (China) has recently opened earlier this week. So have fun!

Remark: this new Kai Tak Cruise Terminal is just in front of the beautiful Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong and is located actually at the former Kai Tak Airport Runway in eastern Kowloon. This is a world-class terminal having two alongside berths which can accommodate two huge vessels with maximum gross tonnage of 220K tons or displacement tonnage of 110K tons when commissioned fully. This allows Kai Tak Cruise Terminal to accommodate even the Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas, the biggest cruise ship currently in the world. Kai Tak Cruise Terminal has just welcomed its first visitors, Mariner of the Seas (15-deck and 310-metre long), earlier this week. Source: Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR).

New Kai Tak Cruise Terminal Hong Kong picture

Arriving New Kai Tak Cruise Terminal near Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong

As per our traveling experience, going on a luxury cruise ship is absolutely one of the most exciting ways to spend your holiday. You may travel from various parts of the world attractions first and then go to any Asia ports where your vessels can dock: starting from snowbound fjords of Alaska, beautiful ports of the Mediterranean, or tropical sunny isles of the Caribbean, to any exotic site in Asia region including the new Kai Tak Cruise Terminal in Hong Kong (China). In fact, today's cruise ships basically are floating veritable hotels or may even be floating cities with top-notch luxury facilities as well as entire array of recreational amenities.

Many people are willing to spend up to a maximum of US$10K dollars per month for one luxury vessel trip. What if you get a great chance to go enjoying luxury vessel trips for free and even get paid for these wonderful experience? Sounds like just a tall tale, right? However, it is really possible by just finding a job on luxury vessel. For college students, there are even many summer job opportunities on cruise ships too. If you do enjoy taking a traveling adventure, meeting foreign people or acting as a wanderlust, working on luxury vessel should definitely be the best choice.

What are benefits or perks for working on luxury vessels? In fact, such kind of job opportunity does have numerous rewards. Let us just list out two of the most common benefits of working on luxury vessels here:

Key Benefits of Working on Luxury Cruise Ships

(i) One will not just earn with luxury cruise ship working experience for free, he can also get to save up his money because almost all his expenses within the vessel such as medical care, food, accommodation etc will be mostly taken care of by his employer.

(ii) Of course, another main advantage of a luxury cruise ship job is that one gets to travel for free in style to the top worldwide traveling attractions and can even get paid for it. It is hard to find any other overseas job offers can provide the same entertainment fun and learning variety as a job on luxury vessel. Actually, one will not just be working on one single country only, but will enjoy experiencing the sounds and sights of various different destinations where the luxury vessel may park to.

There are really thousands of working opportunities for cruise ships on board and also cruise company regional headquarters on land. This should only be a matter of finding one suitable job that can fit your own abilities or skills. Cruise lines companies usually employ job candidates with expertise or knowledge in any of the below fields: marketing, hospitality, healthcare, customer relations, entertainment, fitness, business accounting, tourism, shipping management, quality control, business financing, personnel training, marine engineering, marine insurance etc. These cruise lines companies may also hire candidates who are having positive working attitude or naturally outgoing which should be particularly helpful when on board a vessel together with thousands of tourists who expect to experience their best holiday attraction tour.

So for college students, how to get a suitable cruise summer job? Of course, the first step must be to know exactly who are the major players in cruise ship industry, namely Carnival Cruises, Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean Cruises etc. Besides, there are many smaller vessel business players as well as specialty cruise lines who can provide different facilities or programs ranging from salons, music bars, spas, sports facilities and so on. Select carefully one right job that you are really interested in and get some good knowledge about. Your previous working experience or educational background must also be useful when applying for any particular vessel summer job.

Here is our final tip: it must be an obvious advantage over other job candidates if you have learnt one more major language before you send out your curriculum vitae (C.V. or personal resume). For example, if you wanna work in the new Kai Tak Cruise Terminal in Hong Kong (China) or even terminals opened in Shanghai and Tianjin in mainland China, you better know a bit Chinese Mandarin or Cantonese first, especially because more and more cruise lines companies are now deploying vessels to Asia region to cope with the rapidly growing tourism market demands. Besides, it should also be definitely a plus and highly recommended to obtain a Lifesaving Certification or CPR which is useful for working on board as well as for spending your exciting cruise ship holiday in Asia region safely.


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