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How Computer Technology is Changing China Development

Almost every person in the world may know that China economy is growing very fast, and so does the global computer science and information technology (IT) development. However, how such advancement of computer technology is now changing China for better development future? Below we list down some facts about real impacts of computer technology on China development:

How Computer Technology is Changing China Development

(1) People's Republic of China (PRC), with its continuous strong growth on number of internet users, has already grown a huge amount (approximately 600 million) of web users. With this significant amount of web users, PRC is now the top emerging country for internet marketing, online games, network advertising and many other web-related businesses.

(2) As Chinese society evolves and science technology advances, new words are created almost everyday to Chinese language. Computer industry of this century has had a great cultural impact on modern development of Chinese language.

(3) Personal computers, microcomputers, tablets or even latest smart phones are becoming widely accepted as a highly efficient means of performing many types in many PRC business operations, such as increasing administrative efficiency, word processing or just obtaining valuable business information from a central database.

(4) Computer literacy is appreciating in Chinese society, much depends on how good software and hardware can complement each other for digital communication. It is therefore essential to fully understand the nature of computer hardware (machines and devices) which, when effectively combined with communication software, make up a useful computer system for daily personal, entertainment, business or even military communications.

(5) To capture the rapid economic growth opportunities in PRC, computer technology leaders from all over the world has continued to go into the Chinese market. These technology leaders, including Apple Inc., HP (Hewlett-Packard) or Samsung Electronics etc with their successful innovative products, is about to change Chinese people daily lives and business mindsets.

(6) With its special political needs, PRC government is employing more and more internet moderators to monitor sensitive speech of new-generation Chinese web users. These internet moderators are actively participating in local popular world-wide-web platforms such as Sina Weibo or Tencent Weibo etc. However, with advanced technological development, complete blocking of opposite opinions is becoming more and more difficult even with PRC government-controlled internet 'firewall'.

(7) If more and more information technology (IT) leaders among the world can maximize this potentially-huge PRC market, there are indeed big development possibilities to be available for both parties. Not only computer technology companies can gain financial profits from this sizable market, Chinese local businessmen can also gain valuable experience and innovative ideas from advanced up-to-date computer technology, which should help domestic technological development as well as national economic environment in longer run.

The above should briefly outline some facts about real impacts of computer technology on China development. However, the impacts are still evolving as global computer technology and China itself continue to advance. We look forward to seeing more interesting technological news that may affect PRC or other similar countries for the years to come. Who can imagine that China with its 1.3 trillion people can eventually lead the world economic condition one day, if people there can make good use of advanced computer technology for their business development purposes.


Microcomputer: a very small computer which can store large quantities of digital information on just a single silicon chip.

Word Processing: just similar to normal typing process, but easier to store, change or recall any information processed through a computing-alike system.

Database: a computer software program that can store or manipulate a lot of digital information.

Communication Software: software programs that intend to well-match with hardware development for integrated communication purpose.


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