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Secret Tips to Prepare For an Essay Examination

Since almost everyone needs to handle daily email communications or even write project proposals frequently in his jobs, a training for proper writing skills is always essential for everyone nowadays. Essay examination is not just for educational purposes, but in fact is a good training for people to cope with his future career needs. However, writing a good essay can never be easy for most people, including college students in China of course. That is why today we, China Sources Team, want to share our top 22 secret tips for preparing an essay examination.

You probably do not need a professional study course to learn how to well-prepare for an essay examination because you now can have all necessary tricks (free-of-charge) here. Here are our step-by-step list of 22 secret tips:

Well-Prepare For an Essay Examination - Secret Tips

(1) Carefully read each question set in the essay examination paper.

(2) Decide quickly on one topic that suits you best and then forget about all other options.

(3) Read over the title you have chosen until you feel that you know exactly what essay examiners are looking for.

(4) Firstly check whether the main verb is singular or plural, and then decide on the main tense you have to use.

(5) Sometimes argumentative titles in essay examination are set in such a way that candidates must treat both sides of argument. At other times, candidates must state whether they agree or disagree with the motion and then write accordingly. Do give equal treatment to both parts of question in essay examination.

(6) Once you have a rough idea in your mind about what you should write, jot down all your ideas on a page inside your examination answer booklet.

(7) As many professional brain-storming study courses may suggest, if your mind seems to go completely blank, look at the title you have selected again and ask yourself questions like where, when, how, what, who and so on.

(8) Once any writing idea strikes you, jot it down.

(9) Create an interesting essay introduction as a method for presenting your piece of writing to your readers. This essay introduction should be attractive enough for your readers to continue reading your composition.

(10) As you write the main body of your composition, do not deviate from your original theme.

(11) Do remember that the key idea in each paragraph should fit well with your sentence topic and any remaining topic should clarify and expand on it.

(12) Before you begin your copy, decide on your concluding paragraph in advance. Just like essay introduction, your essay conclusion should also be brief and go straightly to main points.

(13) For an argumentative composition in essay examination, it is wise to conclude by reiterating your point of view clearly.

(14) Most clever candidates spend time describing events or people which have successfully impressed them.

(15) A descriptive writer should make good use of his five senses, so that his readers can also sense easily what is being described.

(16) It is always up to the writer to choose the most appropriate words and phrases he has in his vocabulary basis in order to give his readers a true picture of what he really wants to describe.

(17) When describing a scene or a place, mention the deepest impression it has made on you.

(18) Most professional writing courses usually recommend you never allowing your description to become tedious by giving too much details about minor points.

(19) Keep your description flowing by selecting suitable adverbs and adjectives which can add color and movement to such description.

(20) Putting suitable adjective at the beginning of a sentence can add emphasis. The phase "There is a dark sky" or "The sky is dark" is descriptive, but "Dark is the sky" add dramatic effect.

(21) Candidates can also add adverbs at the beginning of sentences for the same purpose. Hence, instead of just saying "The snake slithered towards her slowly", he can heighten with sense of terror by saying "Slowly the snake slithered towards her" instead.

(22) It always takes plenty of practice before one can finally succeed in essay examination.

We, China Sources Team, hope we have already included here all secret tips necessary for preparing a public or private essay examination. You should now know how to well-prepare for an essay examination without joining any professional training course or advanced education study.


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