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How to Get a Rewarding Job in China By Maximizing Employment Network

People's Republic of China (PRC) economy is growing super-fast, and there are indeed many great job opportunities there. However, competition is also keen, especially for good jobs of course. In fact, China actual unemployment rate is far more than official announced data. Human resources are definitely not lacking there, and any potential candidates must have special techniques to acquire jobs in this special country. We, China Sources Team, would show you how to get a rewarding job in PRC by maximizing your employment network.

To start with, potential candidates shall check out job advertisement for the vacancy they want. Please note basically that if the job vacancy is good enough, advertisers may receive hundreds or even thousands replies daily to the job advertisement in PRC. Most likely the company cannot arrange interview for all job applicants and may have to narrow these down to whom seem to fit all requirements most closely.

So at least potential candidates must ensure they are academically and professionally well-qualified for the job post first, although having more practical experience of working both locally within PRC and also abroad will definitely be a bonus. Having said that, if they are looking for executive positions, they should have worked for some large multi-nationals or in various offices around the Asia region before.

But for getting a rewarding job in PRC, you need to do something more than normally require. You must build and maximize your own employment network first before even applying for the job. You shall meet more people (especially Chinese officials) to extend your employment network, be friends with them socially, join related academic societies, get enough referrals etc. Particularly, you better have some personal connections with Chinese government officials, or at least have direct experience working with Chinese authorities. For most rewarding jobs in PRC, you must know how to deal with Chinese government officials, understand all key government rules, get all required government licenses or else you simply will get no chance. No one can do such similar challenging tasks properly without a good personal network with local PRC government officials.

It is also no doubt that as a competitive job candidate, he is better fluent in English and Chinese. Good spoken Mandarin is surely a bonus, because he should then be able to assume administrative control effectively over local operations. Otherwise, it will be likely that he cannot communicate deeply with his Chinese colleagues, his Chinese customers, PRC government bodies and even his boss. A successful candidate should also be confident, ambitious, hard-working and willing to spend time long enough within the country.

Please be aware specially that if traveling abroad frequently is a job requirement, then most companies would prefer unmarried and young candidates, due to the nature of that job. It is mainly because the potential employer may feel one cannot give out full commitment on travels if he does have family responsibilities.

Of course the final decision will only depend on different employers, but the golden rule is that any successful candidates must show if they get appointed, they will prove an asset to the company.

We, China Sources Team, do wish that you now know how to build a rewarding career in PRC by, mainly, maximizing employment network. We sincerely wish you success in building a truly rewarding career soon. Even you may not earn very good salary or attractive benefits at the beginning, practical working experience with Chinese is now becoming more and more important in job market, thus will surely add values to your personal curriculum vitae (C.V. or resume).

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