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How I Deal With Insurance Policy Seller

The following is a guided essay written by a Chinese student. Topic is about his strange meeting with an insurance sales agent and how this aggressive insurance agency seller could start selling him insurance policy products with a 'special method'. Although English grammar of this local Chinese student may not look very good, we (China Sources Team) believe that this blog post can at least show you what guided essay is all about and how this type of essay should be written.

English Essay Topic: How I Deal With Stranger Selling Me Insurance Policy Products
Notes Given (55 words): nine o'clock - returned home - stranger waiting at door - tall, skinny, around fifty - carrying dark blue briefcase - had important thing to discuss - appeared serious and impressive - invited her into house – found she was an insurance agent salesman - sell me healthcare insurance or life insurance policy products - showed her the door.

At around nine o'clock at night one day, I returned home and found one stranger waiting at my door. She was a tall, skinny lady of around fifty carrying a dark blue briefcase and claimed that she had an important thing to discuss with me. She was wearing a blue suit with a black shirt. Her demeanor was at once serious and quite impressive.

Since she did not appear to be a bad character, I invited her into my house and gave her a seat. She opened her dark blue briefcase she was carrying and began to speak in an important and confidential voice. She seemed to know quite some personal information about me as she talked of my recent hospitalization and even my family background. All the while, she looked around my sitting room as if to make certain that no one else was within earshot.

Feeling a little apprehensive and a great deal surprised, I demanded to know who she was and what exactly she wanted from me. However, she tried to turn my questions aside with gesture of postponement. It was only after several minutes that the truth eventually emerged: she was an insurance agent salesman who had come to sell me healthcare or life insurance policy products!

While I still wondered why she could know so much my personal background, I showed her the door at once. She still kept talking how competitive her insurance product price and how cheap her overall insurance policy plan could be before she actually left my house. How an aggressive and annoying agency seller she was!

END of Essay

We (China Sources Team) would emphasize that this blog post by no mean aims at encouraging you selling insurance policy products to your potential customers aggressively by using the above 'special method'. Although this 'special method' sounds quite creative, it is indeed too annoying and strange for acceptance by normal people. It might be the major reason why it did not work out eventually.

Insurance market (no matter it is medical, life or even auto insurance) is a strongly-growing business in China as Chinese people are becoming rich in recent years. As Chinese insurance market competitions are so keen, some local insurance agencies (or brokers) have really been creative for selling insurance policy products aggressively to their potential customers and the above method is just one of those creative examples. We, China Sources Team, hope the above interesting story can at least give an alert for helping you dealing with any strange annoying agency seller who promotes you insurance-related products that you may not feel necessary.

Educational Remark: By definition, a guided composition can take many forms and may involve various techniques of description, narration, letter-writing or topic discussion. Sometimes detailed notes are given and students are requested to expand them into an essay. In that case it is important to read the notes given carefully so as to get a real understanding of what you should write. Then, you shall very roughly count the total number of words in the notes provided to see how many words you must write. For a short guided essay requiring, say, just 200 words, there will not be much room for students to introduce their own ideas if the notes given already consist of 120 words. On the other hand, if the notes contain only 40 words, then students must introduce some more information of their own. After these two steps, students may start writing the essay accordingly. It is certainly appropriate here to warm students not to copy indiscriminately whole clauses or phases directly from the given notes and incorporate them into their essays because what is correct in note form may not be correct in formal essay. The above sample English guided essay from a Chinese student about refusing an annoying insurance policy product seller shall help illustrate this point.


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